Targeting long-term outcomes for a wide range of investors

We offer a broad range of strategies from liquidity solutions through to high active share global and regional equities, active credit and private markets.

Video Transcript

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0:02 [TITLE GRAPHIC]: Specialized capabilities across asset classes
0:02 John Fisher, President and Chief Executive Officer Federated Advisory Companies: 

“Customers that we meet with today have very complex investment problems. If you have just one product, you're not going to be able to address the issues.”
0:11 Harriet Steel, Head of Business Development International: “We have a broad range of strategies from liquidity solutions through to high active share, both global and regional equities, active credit and private markets.”
0:21 [GRAPHIC ON SCREEN]: 130+ strategies
0:24 John Fisher: “Over 30 investment teams across equity, fixed income, and short-term liquidity markets.”
0:25 [GRAPHIC ON SCREEN]: 30+ investment teams
0:30 Gordon Ceresino, Vice Chairman Federated Hermes: “Surrounding that is a wrapper of ESG environment, social and governance principles that we believe are vital to delivering risk-adjusted returns to our clients.”
0:39 Harriet Steel: “How we do this is because of our world-leading stewardship team that helps informs our ESG risk factors in a way that means that they’re forward looking and more contributive to long-term financial performance.”
0:51 Gordon Ceresino: “A global leader doesn't mean assets under management to me, a global leader means that you're providing the highest quality solutions to the marketplace.”
1:00 [GRAPHIC ON SCREEN]: Active Equity
1:01 [GRAPHIC ON SCREEN]: Fixed Income
1:02 [GRAPHIC ON SCREEN]: Liquidity
1:03 [GRAPHIC ON SCREEN]: Private Markets
1:04 [GRAPHIC ON SCREEN]: Stewardship
1:06 Paul Uhlman, President, Federated Securities Corp.: “We’ve got great people, great investment capabilities, a strong culture; the sky’s the limit for us.”

Experience across multiple disciplines

As of March 3rd, 2021
Years liquidity management
As of March 3rd, 2021
Years stewardship services
As of March 3rd, 2021


Independent teams seek competitive long-term risk-adjusted returns. Federated Hermes’ active equity strategies are characterized by disciplined processes and an information advantage derived from proprietary fundamental, environmental, social and governance (ESG) and engagement research.

Fixed Income

The teams take a multifaceted, value-seeking approach based on fundamental analysis while pricing in ESG risks. Active strategies build on the insights of skilled managers who integrate macro perspective with rigorous security selection for diversified, risk-managed portfolios.


As a cash management pioneer and money market leader, Federated Hermes’ liquidity strategies are based on diligent credit analysis that integrates ESG factors and broad diversification, seeking competitive yields and providing daily liquidity.

Private Markets

Federated Hermes is able to offer suitable investors a broad range of private market investment solutions across a range of alternative asset classes, including real estate, infrastructure, private equity and private credit. We integrate ESG considerations into all of our private market investment processes, embracing the principles of responsible investment that are synonymous with the Federated Hermes culture. Private market investment opportunities can range from large-scale urban regeneration projects to investment in innovative technology-enabled companies focused on demographic and societal change to the provision of financing that facilitates global agricultural trade.


As a leading stewardship provider, our engagement specialists help institutional investors become more active owners of their assets, with the goal of increasing the long-term viability and value of their holdings while potentially reducing risk. As the link between ESG factors and long-term value creation becomes clear, EOS at Federated Hermes anticipates a world where all asset owners use company engagement to seek positive change.

Diversification does not assure a profit nor protect against loss. There is no guarantee that any type of investment approach will be successful.

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