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Last man standing

Dividends hold up against volatility.

Published October 14 2022
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Video Transcript
Question: What's the outlook for dividends through the rest of the year?
Michael Tucker: The outlook for dividends in 2022 continues to be pretty stable overall. We've gotten off to a good start this year. Despite all the issues going on with respect to the markets and heightened volatility and spiking interest rate and trade tensions, within the high dividends area in general, it's been pretty much business as usual. Those core income-oriented sectors have continued to pay low, mid-single digit dividend growth. Now, there's certainly been some challenges. Inflation is one. Inflation's been a challenge for both consumers and businesses alike. But with respect to those more income-oriented sectors, they tend to be focused more on those essential type purchases. And historically what you've seen is they've been able to pass through price, and that's been the case in 2022 as well, and we expect that to continue through the end of the year.
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